After a long morning spent cleaning out rooms full of cats and all the messy things that come with that, the afternoon was a welcome respite. I returned to find a cat that wanted some alone time, and was told he really enjoyed walks. So we harnessed him up and took him outside. Mind you, I’m still only in the first week and a half of wearing my lovely tall sprain boot (for the sprained ankle I may have forgotten to mention…anyway, my left ankle is sprained), so getting around is slightly awkward and cumbersome – not to mention loud. Velcro. Velcro everywhere. Luckily, the cats seem to enjoy the sound, or at least they don’t mind it…look, they’re not complaining, ok? Barney actually liked my boot because it’s like a mobile chin scratcher, and since I followed him around, it was ever so convenient. Here’s a short teaser of what most of our walk looked like:

And here’s Barney from the front – note his happy claws digging into the sand (and his freckled nose!):

BFAS - Barney

I’ve tried walking cats before, and it’s always ended right as it began…because thecat turned into a sack of cement. Here at ‪Best Friends, they have many furry friends that enjoy strolls through the high desert landscape, including felines! The thing I had to remember was that I do not walk the cat, the cat walks me. Beautiful Barney (Bo’s brother) took me on a nice little jaunt around Cat World this afternoon and showed me his favorite spots. He talked a bit, occasionally rolled in the dirt, and stopped to snack on dry grass, but he was a great tour guide. He’s FeLV‬+ and always looking for a new adventure.

Barney’s Profile:


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