I’ve passed the halfway mark on my first week as an intern at Best Friends Animal Society. I feel like I’ve learned a ton, yet there’s so much more I don’t know. I’m trying to pay attention to everything and keep mental notes, but my internal filing system is overflowing. Thankfully, afternoon downtime means being able to sit with the cats and socialize with them in the sunny catios (patios for cats!). As soon as I find a chair in a sunbeam, the cats swarm around me – a couple will play king of the hill for my lap, one will wrestle with my shoelaces, and others will weave between the chair legs. It’s an intriguing dynamic, and it’s even more interesting when the turkeys show up to eat all the treats that have fallen outside of the gates. It was a long time volunteer’s birthday yesterday, and a piñata stuffed with kibble was hung in one of the catios for her to bash open. Treats went everywhere, and eventually there is too much of a good thing.

Once everyone calmed down, the turkeys showed up – a whole gang of big males – to help with the mess. As they silently picked their way closer and closer to the cages, the cats watched with serious determination. Then, one by one, they lunged at the turkeys, scaring them into a flapping frenzy. Yet the turkeys recovered and persevered, continuing on down the line of catteries until every last treat was pecked up. The lunging and scaring happened multiple times, but I think they knew there was nothing the little furballs could do; they were about 1/3 the size of these birds. After all of that excitement, it was time for the 5th nap of the day, and beds were filled with dozing purrs.

BFAS - Murray

I can’t walk into room 2 without Murray loudly proclaiming that he wants attention. He is quite the talker, and would probably type in all caps if he knew how to use a keyboard. As I move around his enclosure, he’ll find a perch to reach my shoulder and ride along, purring into my neck and hair (and he gives a not-so-professional-but-free massage…with claws). He’s FeLV‬+ and just about the happiest little orange ‪‎cat‬ one could hope to meet. Murray celebrated his first birthday this month, which can be a big milestone when they’re diagnosed with FeLV so young. Here’s to many more!

Murray’s profile:


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