Squirt, Zinnia, & Annette

Yesterday was my last day in cats. I had a lot of conflicted feelings around working with cats in general, which kept my week interesting. Initially, I was stoked to be working with cats, I mean, I’ve had cats my whole life, so I knew that I liked them. Then I remembered that I absolutely abhorred cleaning out litter boxes, and wasn’t sold on the prospect that if I took a job as a cat caregiver, I’d have to do that every day. By day 3, I was finally learning many of the cats’ names and personalities, and litter boxes were fairly easy since they were being dumped and refilled every day, not scooped – plus the process was pretty much streamlined thanks to years of experience by past caregivers. By Friday, I was looking online for a job with the cats in Casa de CalMar (thanks to another intern who already applied and needs a roommate if this all works out, she’s also extremely cool and I’m really glad that our lives have crossed paths).

For week 2 of my internship here at Best Friends, I’ll be working with rabbits. I have only had bad experiences with rabbits in the past, but I’m determined to make this a better adventure and work my hardest (even with my sprain boot still on, which I’ll write about…eventually) to learn more about them. Until Monday though, here are a few more friends I made while working in Cat World, including some wild turkeys:

And then I couldn’t pick just one, so here’s Squirt, Zinnia, and Annette, the extraordinary lobby cats.

BFAS - Squirt, Zinna, Annette

Squirt is usually sleeping in the window and rarely leaves her perch. Whenever I walked past her room, she would raise her little head and say “hey!” in the squeakiest mew, squinting her blue eyes at the disturbance. It was really difficult not to shower her adorable innocence with affection.

Zinnia is a lovely little Russian Blue who loves full body rubs. Anytime I would sit in the room, she was on my lap and stretching out to the full length of my thighs. She kneaded my knees during a good petting, and left quite a few love pricks through my jeans.

Annette is a stoic, but temperamental tabby with the silkiest fur. She’d sleep in a bed that sat waist high in the narrow hallway. Sometimes she was so deep into her kitty dreams that she’d tolerate me loving on her; other times she would swat and hiss anyone that invaded her bubble (which ranged from the tips of her whiskers to the entire hallway). Annette also was a great supervisor during meal prep, and made sure to taste test everything before it went out. Quality control at its finest!

All of these cats are ‪‎FeLV‬+ and love the company of other felines.

Squirt’s profile: http://goo.gl/J1DFnC
Zinnia’s profile: http://goo.gl/xvzngD
Annette’s profile: http://goo.gl/Zhxgt0


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